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How much research is needed to be “good” at sports gambling?

How much research is needed to be “good” at sports gambling?

Would you like to become a successful gambler? Would you like to make money on sports betting? You may think that it is a very easy way of making money, but you shouldn’t be that sure.

If you think that everything you have to do is to pick a likely outcome and invest some money, you are probably wrong.

It is not excluded that you may win betting without previous research and knowledge of the certain sport, but that would be a mere coincidence. Pure luck, we would say.

If you want to become successful in the long term and if you have a long-term vision, you mustn’t rely on luck.


Research is crucial

You need to have a methodical approach and always do some previous research. Even if you are knowledgable when it comes to that certain sport, a brief survey might be helpful. The main question is not do you have to do some research or not. The biggest problem is choosing between a few types of research. You have to find out what is profitable and do some research in that field.

Deciding which options are profitable and which ones are not, is one of the biggest steps you have to make to become a successful sports gambler. Besides choosing what is profitable and what isn’t, there will be cases when you will have to make a fast decision and chose between two profitable options.

Professional bettors have to balance. If they want to stay on their way, they have to do permanent research and spend a lot of time researching. Of course, they need some time to rest and enjoy in other life activities where they could spend the money they earned.

So, the conclusion is that you need to find balance when it comes to sports betting and doing previous researches.


Thorough research is the key to success

Doing some research means finding news about sport and players that you are betting on. It also means using statistical tools and counting all useful coefficients and indicators.

Computerizing everything and having a database, or using some forms of databases that are available online, are always good ideas. However, you have to use your senses intensively, because professional bettors say that a computer can always miss something.

The best example is horse race betting. Smart and experienced bettors use computers and statistical tools that are available. They also always have their eyes on horses’ moves to be sure they will be a few percentages better than other bettors.

Some good tips for research are: having a plan, valuing facts over opinions, watching games/events, considering context and, of course, finding good sources.

Data sources for your research should be General Sports Media, Official Websites, Stats Websites, Blogs and Forums, Sports Betting Websites and Social Media.

You can also check out some stats at SBR or check out StatFox to get a lot of questions answered.


Never underestimate the power of information.

Get as much information as you can. For example, you are a fan of the English Premier League and you know a lot about scores, positions on the table, strengths, and weaknesses of many teams.

You know about their best players and their achievements and earlier seasons, it all means that you are knowledgable.

However, it doesn’t mean that you are capable of making difficult decisions that effective betting requires.

Because of low odds, a good fan without doing previous research would be getting, the amount he wins from his winning wagers wouldn’t probably be enough to cover his losses.

This is the main reason why you should always do researches if you want to become a successful gambler.

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