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History of Sports Betting

Take a look at origins and rise of sports betting in internet era

Learn about the history of sports betting

History of sports betting goes quite far, and it won’t be possible for us to determine the exact date of its origin.

The majority of historians it all started in Rome, where people began to place their money on chariot races and circus events, and it surprisingly became the favorite time-pass activity of Roman rulers.


From there it came to England in the start of nineteenth-century where the English did it on equestrianism, and that’s where sports betting became famous and other countries started to get curious about it as it became viral quite rapidly.

From Europe, USA accepted sports betting with open arms, and this is where sports betting reached its peak. Sports betting saw doors of baseball, basketball, and football. In U.S sports have always been preached like a religion, so betting gained prominence over the years.


As the world transformed itself into internet sports betting also evolved. Casinos started their online platforms, and things were more accessible than ever for players who wanted to invest in betting.

There were scams; in the beginning, many people lost their life savings. There was a phase when people preferred to bet on platforms which they could see rather than virtual ones. The influx of technology and online platforms have helped punters to earn their money with security.

Another thing that has changed over the years, in the beginning, you could only place a bet on a team who’s going to win, but now you can bet on hundred different things in a single match. Take this online bet scanner or football betting tips blog for example, with the rising of technology there is many tools online to help you bet online.

You can bet on a player who is going to score, how many goals scored in the first half, the difference between the two teams, cards, corners, etc. An individual can undoubtedly place his bets on different categories.


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